Looking for an Evangelizing Parish with Good Liturgy

According to Fr. Longenecker, in his January 10, 2010 article, Does the “Springfield Spirit” Point the Way Home for Protestants in NCR, there is a real desire by some Christians to find a church that is historical, traditional and liturgical:

“They’re a large but neglected group of Christians. Some do not have their own denomination. They have no bishops or pastors. Others might be Baptists or Presbyterians or members of a nondenominational fellowship or a mega church. They are sincere evangelical Protestants who are disenchanted with evangelicalism and are searching for a church that is historical, traditional and liturgical.”

This is symptomatic of a consumer culture that we live in where we look for a choice that suits us in everything even in selecting a church. But it also points out that some who are seeking a faith relationship with God in a Christian community are realizing some of the gaps in their current experience of a local church. This translates into an opportunity for a mission based and evangelizing parish.

“These brothers and sisters in Christ are looking for a church where the historic faith is taught, the worship is liturgical and the culture is acceptable. If they could only find a church with decent liturgy, fine music, solid preaching and a link with the Catholic Church, they’d be in church heaven.”

The key here is a decent liturgy, good music and solid preaching. These are the basics. I would also add meaningful ministries with attention to a spiritual content and the ability for parishioners to be inviting to these other Christians. I am not certain that it would take a separate “Anglican Ordinate” or a truly evangelizing Catholic parish that was dedicated to being welcoming and sharing.


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