Evangelizing Green

The Saturday, Jan 16, 2010 New York Times included an article Pastors in Northwest Find Focus in ‘Green’ that promoted being a Green Church as a way to evangelize. I found this a curious fulfillment of the USCCB letter Go and Make Disciples in that in promoting Gospel values to value the Earth and the environment, it was also possible to attract those who had no church community. After considering this, it is probably often the case that by promoting Gospel values to change the world (Goal 3 of Go and Mqke Disciples), we are very likely to attract many who want to change the world but are not familar with the Gospel. This is not only true for protecting the Earth and the enviranment but also feeding the poor, protecting the innocent, avoiding violence, aiding the sick, and other social actions. Goal 3 that calls on the parish to change the world is a way to achieve Goal 2 - invite all people to hear the saving Word proclaimed in the parish.


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